„Tell me and I forget; Teach me and I may remember; Involve me and I learn.“ Lao Tzu

How do I know that you are a suitable coach for me?

I offer the first strategy call for free so you can find out yourself. Successful cooperation is based on trust and openness. We should connect, understand each other and resonate on the same frequency.

What are your natural superpowers?

I have a strong intuition and I respect all my client´s perspectives on life. I do not sugarcoat things or tell you what to do. I am consistent and kind, I listen carefully, concentrate and I connect with my clients and accept them without judgment or opinions. I work with the resonant field, visualisations and the hypnotic trance state. But most of all, I plan effectively and achieve great results, both in my personal life and in my professional life.

What assurance or guarantees do I have that coaching will work for me?

You are your own assurance! Your determination to do something with your life is the guarantee. After our first consultation, you will verify it to yourself whether you’re committed go on this journey!

How will the cooperation of coach and client take place?

Our cooperation will be created according to your needs. I create a contract with my clients, where we have clearly agreed rules of cooperation, number of sessions and price. After all, “good neighbours make good friends”.

Why do I have to pay in advance?

This way of cooperation works well. You will be committed to yourself and 100% accountable for the results. I will be assured you are serious about the progress. Your success is also my success.

Why don´t you do one-hour individual consultations?

A one hour coaching session doesn’t work. I don’t offer miracles, but a real plan and cooperation for real impact.

Will you create my strategy plan? Can you tell me how to do this?

No. Coaching is much more than advice, coaching opens up new possibilities for you. You will discover your hidden resources and learn to use them. Have you ever seen a coach who plays tennis instead of the player?

What coaching techniques do you use?

As a qualified coach, I have a lot of tools, techniques and methods that I use with clients, but that´s not enough. I focus on narrative coaching with NLP techniques. My approach is focused on active listening, connection with your conscious and subconscious and especially on your huge action. With each client, I look for individual’s inner resources, with the energy that you will create a solution that will bring you life-balance and satisfaction. We will not just talk, we will create and smash through your goals!

Why should I focus on balance?

In my opinion, finding a balance in life is one of the most important steps you can take for yourself. When you find balance, you also find your life-purpose. You will become a good role model and you can influence and improve everything around you. I distinguish three important pillars 1. You and your health, 2. Your family and children, 3. Your business and financial independence.

How can coaching help my business?

There are many options, but the most common coaching packages include:

I would like to know more about you before I make my decision. Where can I find you?

I would love to meet you and answer your questions. Just ask for a strategy call. I´m also on social media and I have a FB group. Join us

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