High impact coaching based on fairness, respect and consistency.

Be the creator of your life

I treat all my clients as unique individuals with their own talents, intelligence and wisdom. Therefore, our cooperation will be created according to your requirements after our Strategy Call. Let me accompany you on this journey, because it will be an incredible ride with astonishing results.

Balance coaching
for busy-parents

Does the atmosphere at home bother you? Are you anxious to return home from work? Are you lacking inner-peace and the feeling of freedom? Do you want to have a fulfilling marriage, happy children and still have time for yourself? So you're right here. Balance coaching will help you to understand your partner’s world and to reconnect. Have you ever asked yourself what are the psychological and financial costs of a dysfunctional relationship? Don’t wait, do something about it now.

Coaching package from £1500
(Accepting Bitcoin)

Balance coaching
for business-dads

I would like you to imagine that you can design your life, achieve your dreams and have a happy family. Balance coaching for business-dads will empower you to re-discover your masculine charm, manage your time-to-impact ratio, become an effective and charismatic leader, understand the woman’s world, be your child’s Superhero, reduce stress and re-design your protective body armer… It sounds good, doesn’t it? How does it feel? What is stopping you?

Coaching package from £1700
(Accepting Bitcoin)

Balance Coaching
for businesses or corporate clients

Running a business doesn’t mean that you are a slave of your success. Have you ever imagined what it would be like to have a plan that your employees know exactly what you mean? Have you ever wanted to put your ideas into actionable steps? The Balance coaching for business will equip you to drive change in your teams, will support you in shifting to an energetic culture, create stability for long-term success and financial freedom. Are you ready to set yourself free? Are you due a holiday? Are you curious to hear more?

Coaching package from £5000
(Accepting Bitcoin)

Free Strategy Call

I’m not going to tell you that it’s possible to influence 98% of your life, because YOU have been thinking about it for a while now. Are you ready to take personal responsibility for yourself and find the balance to live a high quality life?

Reserve a date in the calendar and book your free Strategy Call to find out more. Thank you for choosing me to be your Success Buddy.

I will then confirm the date by e-mail or telephone.

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