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Your emotions are the greatest wealth you have. Never allow anyone to hurt your emotions or forbid you to experience them.

Emotions are one of the largest filters in the brain and drive our behaviour and actions. You can choose what kind of life you want to live and you can also choose in which emotional state you want to be in.

When I was working in management, any display of “feminine” emotions were bad. The corporate companies wanted to turn me into a robot or an ice queen... Twice during my career, I was suspended for two weeks for showing my emotions. The following limiting beliefs kept pouring into me: Women managers don´t cry! Emotions are a manifestation of weak women. A strong woman can hide her emotions well.

Neuro-linguistic programming is a great and fast method that allows you to reprogram your unwanted behaviour, replace and recode old emotional triggers that we don’t require anymore (hot flushes, binge eating, smoking, nail biting, triggering aggression, food addiction, negative internal dialogue, inner criticism etc.) and remove your limiting beliefs.

Now I know that it was just one big fat lie from men in top management who live with this limiting belief! (Boys don´t cry. A real guy is a tough guy. Etc.) Maybe their mothers or fathers created this limiting belief for them, maybe their parents heard it from their parents, grandparents, teachers, so now it’s endemic in society... Yes, this is a vicious circle ...

The main thing is that it is a nonsensical belief that you can do something about. Your emotions are beautiful and if you can use them and listen to them, they are also a good mentor who never lies to you. How do you relate to your emotions? Do you protect them? Are you able to choose your emotional state?

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