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The story of two owners of yoga studios

The pandemic situation has affected business in all directions and has closed most services around the world. The pandemic set up a cruel mirror for us and took our freedom for several months… Was it covid that surprised us? Or our resistance to change? Why does someone handle this situation better and someone worse? What have we learned in a year and where have we moved?

I was very touched by the story of two owners of yoga studios. The two women do not know each other, have never seen each other or lived in the same city. Both were forced to close their businesses due to government restrictions. Both of these women are mothers and wives who have changed their hobby into their business and had enough savings for six months.

Both of them lost income on a day-to-day basis, which was very stressful. The situation was unfavourable and it was a big battle for them. For weeks, they wondered where to get the income so that they could cover current expenses and still contribute to the family budget.

The first owner began to blame the government for everything that happened to her. She created a petition to reopen all studios and fitness centres and spent all day online. She commented on all articles on social media that related to the pandemic situation. She followed members of the government online and indiscriminately commented on their posts on social networks. She spread anger and negative energy all around her. Her children became afraid of her. Her negativity created conflicts and arguments with her husband. Her close friends had nothing to say to her. Her clients stopped looking up to her as an inspiring woman, wife, or mother, instead they saw a vulgar person. This woman put her time and energy into a bad strategy. Her business stayed where it was a year ago. Her financial and family situation is miserable, but she still blames the government…

The other owner focused on herself. She cried for several nights and drowned in despair, self-pity, and felt wrong. This period took almost two months before she realised she was wasting her time unnecessarily. She knew she had once been able to turn her dream into reality. And that she can do it again. After all, she still had a few dreams, which she had been postponing for years because she was fully dedicated to her business and family.

She realised that the time was right, and the pandemic had shown her a new direction. She trusted herself and was flexible. She started acting and in 2 weeks had a great platform for online yoga via Zoom. All her clients supported her and returned to her. She was grateful and surprised at how easy it was. However, she wanted more, became interested in her own development and was determined to fulfil all her dreams. She stopped being afraid and began to act. Her family and friends supported her. She is currently working with her coach, completing another course and expanding her online business with additional services.

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