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The story of one big unfulfilled love

She was beautiful, intelligent, kind, communicative and a lover of sport. He had charisma, intelligence, kindness and loved her with all his heart… They were a good looking couple and fun to be around. She had no idea what he was hiding inside him, and he had no idea how hard she was going to try to change him and save him.

She was the type of girl to wake up early every morning to work out. She ate healthily and took care of herself. She enjoyed reading and was interested in nature. She was great at her job and cooked well. He usually slept all morning, detested sports, was frustrated with his work and did not enjoy it much. He liked to eat and watch TV. This relationship lasted for 7 years.

Life brings us incredible stories and teaches us extraordinary things. Do we know that? Are we thinking about it? Do we want to understand it or are we trying to ignore it?

She wanted to understand why he was like this, and did everything she could to help him. She tried to help so much that she stopped playing sports, having hobbies and generally living and dreaming… she stopped loving herself… loving what fulfilled her heart and what made her happy… She stopped exercising, went to bed late, started watching TV and was at home with him. She started to have health problems.

His reaction surprised her. The more she helped him, the more he pushed her away. He was resentful and pessimistic. He didn´t enjoy anything in his life, he gained weight and couldn´t sleep… He lost his spark… he lost his passion… he had lost himself…

They both got a great offer that would change their lives. They both accepted nervously. Her nervousness symbolised the excitement of something new, his nervousness, however, symbolised fear.

She opened up to new possibilities and began to grow and develop quickly. She seized the new opportunity and began to turn her dreams into reality. He was afraid, inventing barriers and excuses as to why his growth was not possible. He began to regret and became a victim in his mind. She realised she didn´t want to save him anymore and began to live again. She moved out. When he realised that she had broken up with him, he started to exercise, lose weight and sought professional help. When he began to think and reflect, his life took a new direction. He learned to take care of himself and learned to live too…

He found a new passion in life and started to search for possibilities in his journey. Finally, after a few years of suffering from insomnia, he sleeps well…

The young lady in this short story put herself first and started to practise self love. She is finally happy. She is grateful for the opportunity that changed her life and for all the new skills that she gained. She is aware what he was hiding inside him… He may already know how this experience changed him and made him aware of saving himself…

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