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My Approach to Coaching

Since visiting French Polynesia and witnessed the beauty of Mother Nature I have a very strong desire to protect our planet and help people around me. I would like to use words of Ronald Reagan to describe what I feel: “We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.

In my ideal world there would be litter-free oceans, a beautiful green and growing Amazon forest full of rare species, safe food for us to consume, enough time and attention for our children, mutual respect and kindness amongst human beings and no aggression, depression or greed. There is no room for negativity and violence. 

I feel we are missing the “moment of life” whilst chasing our financial gains, comparing ourselves to someone else on Instagram and consistently engaging on social media. Our children spend hours on computers, mobile phones and tablets because their parents are always “busy”. Children have a low interest in history, literature, art and communication amongst their age groups, parents, grandparents and teachers. Also the bigger challenges like home schooling, no kids activity groups or sport events came to life now during the pandemic. 

When I became a mother everything has changed for me. My life suddenly had a different dimension and I felt a huge amount of unconditional love in my heart as well as huge fear of not knowing. I felt overwhelmed, tired and alone even though I had all the support that I needed. I was alone in my head and felt that no one understood me. 

I read many books about parenting whilst expecting my child. I wanted to be prepared and wanted to know as much as possible about healthy parenting. Unfortunately, I found out that you won’t know until you become a parent. Whilst reading, researching and self-learning I discovered a parenting book about utilising NLP techniques. That moment my life changed completely. 

I realised that “We should be our children’s model of excellence” (Judy Bartkowiak, 2011). 

“The NLP tools we acquire will enable us to become model of excellence for the skills we want to pass on them so they can be better equipped for the world and they live in when we are not by their side to support and protect them.” - Judy Bartkowiak, Be a Happier Parent with NLP, 2011. 

I have started to practice positive parenting and using clear language with my children. I have been doing it for five years now and I would like to share awareness amongst parents and coach them with NLP techniques to become confident parents as well as happy people. I would like to work with parents to help them to heal their inner child, overcome limiting beliefs and teach them about communicating with clean language to their children. 


My coaching purpose is to assist parents through coaching to find their purpose of life as well as to raise confident children and still maintain their well-being. I want to facilitate people to find the co-pilot within themselves to support their journey of discovering their true potential and becoming a better version of themselves. I went through this journey and found inner-peace as a mother and woman. I have a strong belief that others can do it too. 

My approach to coaching is really simple. I follow three principles whilst coaching my clients: 

I am convinced that every meaningful conversation starts with fully receiving the content of what someone is saying, not just listening. According to Marcia Reynolds, author of “Coach the person not the problem”, she says; “When you choose to be present, and connect with someone, you listen beyond your analytical brain. You open your nervous system to receive with your heart and gut as well as with your open mind. The person feels heard, valued, and possibly transformed as a result”. My journey as a coach has shown me that my sense of listening has become more acute by developing my ability to receive my clients openly, without judgement or opinions, and therefore building stronger rapport, and deeper understanding of what the clients perspective actually feels like. This gives me a more vivid imagine of the clients map of the world.

I am certain that the solution for transforming a dream into reality is a massive action. The action that a person should take is fuelled by willpower, the driving force towards consistently trying to reach a goal. However, clients may have limiting beliefs that manifest as blockers and therefore stop or slow them from using the available options/opportunities to the maximum to achieve their goal. We aim to break these limiting beliefs, to achieve self-confidence, and enter flow, where actions are effortless and natural. W. Timothy Gallway, author of “The inner game of tennis” mentions that the Inner Game way of learning is a return towards a child-like way, primarily because we haven’t learned how to interfere with our own natural, untaught learning process. 

I am sure that we cannot get it wrong if we listen and follow our intuition. Albert Einstein said: “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift”. I believe that by tuning into our intuition, both client and coach can make significant progress. Intuition for a coach means to have an ability to hear what is not said and to ask powerful questions at the right time to elicit a true and deep response. The client that becomes aware of their intuition can discover and use keys for unlocking their full potential.

I am driven by good intention to help and support parents on their journey and I will be 100% present when they are climbing their ladder. I am going to assist them to change the way of thinking and focusing on positive intension, not the behaviour of people within the environment. Parents are going to transform their mindset and communication skills, and will be able to use clear language and prevent the limiting beliefs from being created. 


I feel that the world requires balance, harmony and respect, and am aware that ecosystems, those of the external world and our own internal world, are sensitive to change. Whilst they are able to exist and survive, they are not being given the optimal support and guidance to flourish into its full potential. My thesis on coaching is that I believe that our world can become richer when we create balance from childhood. Societal changes cannot be made overnight, however when teaching and developing a growth mind-set with parents of today, we have an opportunity to change the parents of tomorrow. To coach adults on how being truly open-minded, and encouraging others to be open-minded and empathetic of each other’s map of the world will transform the depth of understanding of one another, and if help is needed, it can be given confidently knowing what help is needed. 

Studies show that societal conditioning is increasingly creating limiting beliefs for people from many different backgrounds. These limiting beliefs are counter-productive for reaching key goals and milestones, personally, professionally and emotionally. I see an opportunity to coach through these walls, and empower people to utilise their will power to achieve their maximum.

By utilising the two of the above, we become empathetic about the values of the people around us, and we can aspire to be better versions of ourselves to foster stronger relationships and bonds. Our intuition can be tuned to build connections within our society, it can be used to tap into our creativity, and to become more effective at solving problems. My vision is that we all have access to these skills and are able to teach our next generations on the value of growth mind-set, will-power, and self-awareness all underpinned by good intentions. 


Taking into account that the critical development years for a child is between 1-7 years, we as parents are solely accountable for this balance of nature vs nurture of rearing a mouldable and innocent personality. We should be aware that our unconscious actions are imprinted on a child’s blank canvas, which ultimately forms their values and behaviours.  Our children are the future of our world and it is crucial to increase a level of accountability as parents to raise our children with essential values like kindness, forgiveness, love and respect as well as strong desire to protect our planet, however these begin from the parents and the environment that the child is brought into. Regardless of socio-economical profile of parents, coaching can enhance the development of an adult, and ultimately pass on the positive energy and intentions to our children. 

“The question is, are we happy to suppose that our grandchildren may never be able to see an elephant except in a picture book?” Sir David Attenborough.

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